Meijer mPerks101: How to Download Use and Save


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Meijermperks101If you’ve been around here awhile you’ll know that I’m big on saving money.  Heck, with just one kid it’s a necessity, and I have three.  I’m especially fond of  grocery store apps & saving money while shopping. I use several websites & apps to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year.  There are so many things you could be saving for:  College education, vacation, an emergency, diapers, a better car. Why let money fly out the window when you could put it in your pocket instead? Today I’m going to focus on Meijer mperks. I’ll show you how easy it is to use & give you a little information to get started so you can save too!


What is mPerks?

No more cutting, sorting, and forgetting paper coupons. When you sign up for the mPerks rewards program and you shop at Meijer you will see rewards added to your mPerks account on a regular basis according to your shopping history. A few things you should know about mPerks:

mPerks has a website & an app, which makes it incredibly convenient.

There are Meijer coupons, manufacturer coupons, and rewards you can “clip”.

Occasionally there are fuel rewards that can be used at the Meijer gas station. (Not applicable in Wisconsin).

You can earn rewards for using the Meijer pharmacy (This is optional so you will have to opt in on your app or website).

After signup you may also receive coupons and offer codes via snail mail. (which equals big savings)

“Offer coders” may arrive snail mail and can also be found online, in places like the Meijer Facebook page. Input those offer codes into your mPerks account & you’ll get big savings, sometimes even free products. Recently they’ve had free eggs, yogurt, bread, milk. It varies. Who doesn’t love free products?

Rewards that can be found in mPerks are usually things like “Save $5 after you spend $125 or more in total purchases” or “$3 off after you spend $15 or more in beauty”. You “clip” this reward and then you have 4 weeks to work towards earning it. You do not have to earn it in one trip! Which makes earning these types of rewards far more likely.

Basically if you don’t want to, you no longer have to clip a ton of paper coupons and drag them along with you! A lot of them can already be found on the mPerks website or in the app. Meijer mPerks basically acts sort of like a store loyalty card.


Ready to give it a shot & see how much you can save?


Sign up for mPerks

Let’s get started. You’ll need to sign up for an mPerks account.   While signing up you’ll provide your 10-digit phone number. This will be your mPerks number. No assigned number that you have to remember!  You will then pick a 4 digit pin. Make sure it’s one you won’t forget! (If you forget your pin you can always go onto the website or the app & find it easily)

Download the App or Use Website

You’ll now be logged into your new mPerks account where you will be able to manage everything. If you prefer you can also download the mperks app, which you can find in the app stores and log in that way.

Adding Coupons via the App

Once you have your account set up, you’ll want to start clipping coupons.  Go to the top of the app where you see the three lines (the menu) and to the coupons section and start scrolling through, selecting the ones you want to use. Once you select a coupon you’ll then find it in your “clipped” section.
Mperks app screenshot

Adding Coupons via the Website

You will be able to sort the coupons into categories for easier viewing. Once you choose to clip a coupon you will see a green check mark in the corner. That indicates the coupon has been added to your mPerks account.  You can also check the “clipped’ tab on the menu bar of the website to view all the coupons you have clipped. Whether you clip a coupon on the website or the app they will show up in your “clipped” section since both accounts are linked.

mperks website

Use mPerks Discounts and Coupons at Checkout.

Simply enter your mPerks number and PIN at checkout, or scan your Meijer App Barcode (which looks like a little barcode at the top of the app) if you forgot your number and pin and you will save instantly on the coupons and rewards you’ve clipped.

mPerks savingsHints & Tips

  1. Stack those coupons! The Meijer coupon policy states “Customers may combine one manufacturer coupon (per item) with applicable Meijer coupon(s) where allowed under coupon redemption terms.” If you attempt to use a manufacturers paper coupon and a digital manufacturer coupon at the same time. According to the Meijer coupon policy the checkout register will prompt you to choose which to apply. The coupon not applied will be returned to you.

2. If you can remember, choose to insert your number and pin code into the same place you scan your credit card, and then your receipt will show up under your “2016 Savings online” in the app and on the website. If you choose only to have the cashier scan the barcode in your app your receipt will not be saved electronically.  (It’s always nice to have those receipts saved digitally in case you need to return something. Saving digitally is only available through using mPerks)

3. Occasionally fuel rewards will show up. Clip them & use them at the Meijer gas station (Not applicable in Wisconsin). Put your mPerks number & pin in BEFORE you scan your credit card or pay for your fuel. Once your mPerks number & pin have been entered successfully, the price per gallon on the pump will roll back to the discounted mPerks price.

4. Forgot to enter your mperks at checkout? You can still enter your receipt manually. If you’re using your app it’s as simple as pressing the menu up top, scrolling to the bottom where you will find “help”, and choosing “enter receipt information.  If you’re using the website you’ll want to refer to the mPerks FAQ for instructions on how to do that.

5. Save your paper receipt and make sure to use it with the Ibotta savings app and again with the Checkout 51 app. There are also several other apps out there, not nearly as good but you may be able to save even more. Combine these 3 apps though and you will save a ton!


These are just a few of the tips & tricks I have for you today. Why not get started and see what a difference it makes?

Sign up today and see all the ways you can save big!

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