The Secret Life of Your Morning Cup of Coffee

For those of us who drink coffee every morning, you might think you already know all you need to know about it—it tastes good and helps wake you up. But the world of coffee is a little more complicated than you might expect.

Each cup of coffee begins as one of only two types of beans, but it can be brewed and mixed in a multitude of different ways—from simple black coffee to flavors like apple pie and spicy taco. The type of cup you drink it from can also deeply affect your experience (and your impact on the planet). Reusable metal cups might create a slight aftertaste, but they’re also way more eco-friendly than disposable paper or plastic ones. has created this illuminating infographic, which illustrates several interesting facts and statistics about America’s favorite caffeinated beverage. Read on to learn where coffee beans grow, which varieties of coffee are the most exotic and expensive, and how to choose a cup or mug that’s best for you.


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