SuperNanny is Back–Will Debut on Lifetime in 2020–Now Casting!

Great news! Supernanny is back with the original supernanny herself, Jo Frost.  Lifetime is bringing back the series for a 20 part order. They’re casting right now for shows that will air in the U.S. in 2020.   This is your chance to apply, or to let that family you think would be a perfect fit, know.

“Parenting in today’s world isn’t what it used to be. With the advent of video games, computers, and social media all within arms length of every child, modern-day parents face a new set of issues! If navigating this new parenting world is turning your house upside down, apply today for a chance to work with renowned parenting expert, Jo Frost. Nanny Jo is looking to infuse her decades of wisdom into homes nationwide and tackle some of the toughest situations. If you are struggling to calm the chaos, apply today!

Send us a brief description of the issues you are facing, as well as a family picture, your email address, and best contact phone number to *Must be U.S. resident.”

Supernanny Casting Jo Frost


  1. Does Jo work with children on the higher function autism spectrum?

  2. When is it going to be on!! I love Lifetime

  3. Are you still taking applications for Supernanny? My daughter’s family is in desperate need of help.

  4. We are the Kenneally’s. Super exhausted stay at home mom handle in fall the logistics of the familywith little to no help from my working husband.. communication is broken and most days I feel Andrew checks out for pure convenience of being away from his family.. our oldest has adhd (we don’t medicate bc he’s ok at school) our middle is following in his brothers footsteps.. our baby girl is addicted to the tv bc I’m home all day doing work with our oldest and can’t catch a break.. I think super nanny can help wake me and my husband up to a better tomorrow!! Please help.

  5. I am a single mom of 3 very smart strong-willed children. My 16 year-old is very disrespectful and defiant she attention seeks so much. My 11 year-old is following her sister. she is my hardest so far. she flat out will not respect me she has mast cell activation syndrome. my little guy is 2 and he has sensory processing disorder and throw alot of fits. I am so over my head and have no help because of their behavior. Nobody gets k volved because its a risk. I am begging you. to help me get my family together. God knew I was equipped to be their mom but I am failing. please help us!

  6. Need help with 3 boys ages 4 5 an 6 years old

  7. Help! Supernanny! My son and wife are in need of serious help with 6 and 4 year old cikdren. They are in complete control of their parents. Toral chaos. HELP PLEASE
    Concerned mother and g/mother

  8. I need u help I have 5 kids

  9. Hello Jo Frost! First I wanna say I am a huge fan I try to watch your show all the time and I absolutely love it and well I am sadly contacting you because my kids have been acting up and talking back just crying over any little thing or when asked a question I work full time both me and dad and I just don’t know what to do. I hate to be the bad guy here but I’m desperate and need help.. what should I do ?

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