– Deeply Discounted Sales For Mom’s an online private flash sale site dedicated to giving moms and moms-to-be access to coveted and essential products and brands at sample sale prices (Up to 70% off retail prices) has officially launched and you’re invited.

Totsy is by invitation only and free of charge. Membership gets you exclusive deals and preferred pricing.

Totsy will offer prenatal care products, baby gear, travel accessories, bedding and bath, children’s clothing, toys, DVDs, and educational materials. And that’s just a sampling of a selection that promises only the best in quality and designer brands.

The sooner you join, the better. Each sale lasts only 48 to 72 hours.

Best yet, with every purchase you make through, they will plant one tree in the name of your child to help reduce the effects of deforestation.

Just click on the on the cute little ladybug which I’ve embedded with your official invitation code and away you go.



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  2. I absolutely love the great deals Totsy offers! So excited for the fourpeas kid bags Sale!! I have been waiting nearly 3 weeks for the fourpeas kid bags sale to start and it starts tonight!

  3. Yes, totsy is a very cool site to save money and make great deals! I totally agree with you!

  4. I love totsy!!! I have ordered several times from them and have saved over $200!!
    These days, I have to be thrifty and thanks to totsy I can buy more for less. 🙂

  5. Totsy is a terrible business. They currently have a rating of “D” with the Better Business Bureau, and for the level of service I have received from them, I consider that high. Totsy has horrible customer service and ridiculous order completion time. I have placed several orders with them, and every single time I have had to wait at least 6 weeks. In fact, after waiting over 8 weeks for one order, I tried and tried contacting Totsy customer service by phone and email and they wouldn’t ever respond or even answer the phone! The only way I have ever been able to contact them is by complaining on their Facebook page. (FYI, if you complain there or correspond with other customers on their FB wall, they will delete your post as soon as they see it so that their other potential customers won’t see it.) Only after complaining there did I finally get in touch with customer service, and they told me that OOPS, they never received that order from the designer, so they would issue me a refund. They JUST figured that out over 8 weeks after I placed my order? It makes me wonder if they would have ever given me a refund if I hadn’t complained. In the beginning, I kept trying to convince myself that the discounts I was getting were worth the hassle, but they most certainly are not. I have finally learned my lesson and will never buy from them again. I shop with now and have had nothing but good experiences with them. offers a much better selection and ships within 2 weeks, and they have great customer service. People should not waste their time with Totsy. They will certainly be disappointed.

  6. I am an avid online shopping, and never in all my online shopping experience have I dealt with a worst company than Totsy. I placed two separate orders with Totsy. One on October 12, 2010, and the second on October 22, 2010. It is now November 28, 2010 and I still do not have my orders.

    I contacted customer service, and they did not provide a clear answer to when my orders will ship. After the first two e-mails they stopped responding to my e-mails altogether. However, Totsy did help themselves by taking money out of my bank account for the items that haven’t even shipped yet. Nor do I know when they will ship, since they stopped responding. My estimated shipping dates have come and gone, and I haven’t even received a complimentary
    e-mail explaining why, or even offering a refund on shipping. I had to contact the BBB on the matter. Hopefully now, I can get a response.

    I don’t see how this company even advertises toys and other merchandise for Christmas when there is NO WAY the items will be in on time. I would rather pay full price for any item than have to explain to my child that their christmas gift will not be in on time. THE DEALS ON TOTSY ARE NOT WORTH IT. Just look somewhere else. I’m sure you can find equally great deals on other websites. Try, or even if you want killer deals on designer threads with reasonable shipping dates. has never steered me wrong.

  7. Thank you for your opinion Michelle. I’ve never had a problem with them myself. I do know that if you are a member of their facebook page you’ll probably get a quick answer if you post something there. I have seen a few complaints abt not shipping fast enough etc. I guess that’s due to the fact that they do not store the items themselves. Once you make your order they have to then rely on the other company to get your product to totsy (I believe) and then totsy ships it to you. So I guess they’re pretty much at the mercy of all the other companies.. at least that’s what I’ve gathered from reading their FB page.

  8. I purchase a Madame Alexander doll from I am an avid on-line shopper and usually have had successful purchases. The doll arrived much later than was expected (after the first birthday of my child) and it is a fake. When I inquired about the delay in delivery, I also inquired about the authenticity of the manufacturer. They did not reply. I would never buy anything from again and would suggest that you do not either. Besides being delivered late, not being authentic, it arrived in a plastic bag and not an official Madame Alexander box.

  9. I purchased some items online with Totsy on 11/8/10 and as of 12/20/10 they have not shipped. The customer service is non existent. One of the things I haven’t received is a code for another site, where I’ve paid $25 for $50 worth of goods. I don’t recommend using them. Thank you for letting me post a review on your blog.

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