10 Things That Would Make My Life With Baby Easier

1. A house bigger than 500 sq. feet. – Yeah it’s economical. We have no mortgage. Our property taxes are low due to being grandfathered but there is no room to breathe!

2. A bathtub!!!! – My son is almost 30 inches long and he’s still bathing in his baby tub in the kitchen sink. I don’t know how much longer I can make it last and what I’m going to do when it’s not an option anymore.

3. A backyard – After my grandfather died my grandma sold almost all the property connected to the house. We have a huge front yard on a corner lot but when the back property got sold a huge subdivision went in, our dead end was no longer a dead end. We lost our barn, place for a garage and even a shed! Now when I take the dog outside my neighbors in their gargantuan house can see everything I’m doing! and believe me they do. It was great for a little old lady but now that we’re living here it’s just not practical.

4. An overflowing bank account – Man, was I ever naive when I thought it would be cheap to have a baby. Haha. I didn’t know I would birth a giant who was going to grow more than an inch every month and require new clothes just as often! I also discovered if I pre-paid his college right now that it would still cost over $70,000. What are we going to do?

5. A hairless dog – My dog sheds sooooo much it’s unbelievable. I have to vacuum twice a day and still it’s not enough.

6. New carpeting – Another thing to do with the house…. Our current carpeting is close to 20 years old. The thought makes me sick.

7. A normal furnace – Oh that’s right, can’t have one of those in a house that’s only 500 sq. feet with no basement. I’d really love to not freeze my ass off every night.

8. A toybox – Hey, here’s one that I can actually accomplish within the next year.

9. Family that’s not always busy – In almost 8 months my sister has seen my son roughly 5 times even though she only lives 1 mile away. My dad has seen him twice. My mom is always working and carting my little brother back and forth to school since he still lives at home. (He’s only 16) and now she has started back to school herself so that leaves even less free-time. How can he know his family if most of them are never around? I realize some people have good excuses, but some of them don’t. And not one person in the whole extended family even helped welcome him into this world with so much as a card.

10. Paying my loans off – So that I could spend that extra money on my son. There are so many things I want to buy him but can’t. It depresses me but what can you do. I’ll tell you.. never ever get a loan at a 50% interest rate, even in an emergency.

And there you have it. I’ve let it out. Now maybe I can get on with other things for a while and stop causing my own self grief worrying about things I can’t change this very moment.

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