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A few weeks ago I received a box in the mail with Palmolive Fresh Sponge Dish soap, a sponge, and some coupons from Influenster. I was excited to try it out because according to them it is supposed to keep your dish sponge from getting smelly. You know that horrible icky smell you try to microwave, or bleach, or soak away. Yuck. That smell haunts me. I hate it.


I was a bit skeptical of course because I don’t think in all the years I’ve been doing dishes that I’ve owned a sponge that didn’t eventually get smelly. The sponge they sent was just your regular ol’ run of the mill cheap sponge. The kind that are actually more likely to start stinking after a while.


First thing I noticed upon opening the soap was the awesome scent.  They don’t have a “scent” on the bottle so I wasn’t sure what it was exactly but it smelled almost like citrusy, maybe a bit of grapefruit. Something extremely fresh.


So I put the dish soap & the sponge they sent to the test.  I figured I was going to give it a couple of weeks because most sponges I have I usually keep for a few months at a time and don’t usually start stinking right away anyway.  So I did various things I don’t usually do like:

  • Left the sponge sopping wet to dry out on it’s own. (I  usually always wring it out).
  • Left it sitting in water overnight with dirty dishes
  • Used that same sponge for almost a month now! 

Guess what? No smelliness! Yeah. Pretty amazing. My sponge is even getting tore up because I’ve use that thing every single day. I don’t own a dishwasher. As most of you know I have also been cooking up ready-to-go meals for after I come home with the new baby which means I’ve had A LOT of dishes too! No smell. I’m serious.


I definitely wanted to tell my readers about this. I try to review products with everyone in mind.  Dish soap is something most of us use. I know everyone has their own favorite brand. I give this one a thumbs up all the way. It works just as well as Palmolive has always worked plus it has that added bonus of not leaving your sponge with that awful mildew smell we all

despise. I highly suggest it.

Where To Buy:

The suggested retail price of Palmolive Fresh Sponge is $3.29 for a 25oz. bottle.

You can find Palmolive Fresh Sponge in most grocery stores, and big retailers like Walmart & Target. It can also be purchased online at and

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Disclosure: I received the above product in order to facilitate this review. No monetary exchange took place. All opinions are my own. Your experiences may vary.


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