Bed Buddy Review & Enter to Win a Children’s Bed Buddy Bear Featuring Moist Heat ThermaTherapy




A Quick Introduction to the Bed Buddy

I have an adult bed buddy (sounds funny reading that aloud, I know) & have written about them before. They are sort of like your own personal heating pad. The aromatherapy kind like I have is filled with natural grains, herbs, & flowers. It’s very soft & comfortable & the scent is very light.  It ROCKS, especially when you are pregnant or recovering from giving birth and have aches & pains everywhere. I totally recommend them! They sell for less than $20 on  You can heat them up in the microwave for a couple minutes and they stay warm for a very long time.  Also because they are so soft & flexible they are really easy to use & can get to a lot of different spots on your body. It is the perfect gift for yourself, or for a mom-to-be! My Bed Buddy has lasted more than 2 years now & is still in perfect condition. Whenever I use it my kids always try to steal it from me. It’s just very soothing.


Win a Bed Buddy Bear

They also have Bed Buddy’s for children (not infants!) which are in the shape of a teddy bear, that retail for around $25 or less. You can find them in independent drug stores, pharmacies & of course online at


Right now Bed Buddy are giving one away to a fan. There’s one chance left to win, which is tomorrow, Feb 28th, 2013. They have less than 400 fans on their Facebook page so I encourage you to go over, “like” them, and be entered. Just click the picture below.



Click to Enter


Good Luck! Please make sure to let me know if you win!!

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