So Much Drama, So Little Time

I have so much that I’d like to say but I have to do it without being specific, else someone may cry. Or not.. because I blocked that person from my blog (I hope).

Last week I wrote the first ever post about my husband, who I have been happily and not so happily married to for 5 years. Why do I say not-so-happily? Well because just like all husbands and wives, we do not get along ALL the time. Is that a surprise?? For at least one person they pretended it was.

After reading my post, this person proceeded to “tattle” on me to various parties (for the 2nd time since I’ve known them), who then asked my husband if we were having problems, which in turn caused my husband to read my blog for the very first time. Hooraaaaaaaay.. finally! I’ve been trying to get him to read it for months. Of course he didn’t find anything out of the ordinary and somehow managed to miss the actual post in question. How? I don’t know! He’s not into blogs.. But I relayed it word for word to him and I am pleased to say that he really didn’t give a hoot and it had the exact opposite effect that the person who tattled, wanted.

So this is a word to the wise. If you are an extremely bitter, unhappy, miserable housewife who blogs about the female anatomy and how your husband can’t navigate it, or blogs (with pictures) about your dogs bathroom habits, or maybe you even make joke posts about how much you hate your kids because they cost too much to raise (even though you’ve never had a job in your life).. you’re sitting on the internet day after day, 3 month old attached to your bossum, posting hateful and mean blog posts. You are not worth my time!

Now, please don’t get me wrong.. I love reading other blogs but if your blog only consists of drama and how much you hate your life.. I won’t associate with you. Five years ago I may have ripped you a new one and made you cry but nowadays I have a cute little boy who every day reminds me of why I am here and how much I love my life. Not every aspect per se, like doing laundry in an outdated machine… but damn, is anyone’s life perfect? I think not. I probably will complain once in a while, just not in such a graphic nature. I’m not into the whole “shock” thing on a freakin’ baby blog! I leave that for my artwork, that I most certainly don’t post here because it’s completely inappropriate.

I guess some people never heard “There’s a time and a place”.

Now, all this being said and much to the chagrin of my friends.. I will happily continue complaining to them over the phone… not in my mommy blog.

P.S. (Do you use that on blogs?)   Remember the hernia I told you my husband had? You know, in the post that started all this drama for me? Well we found out it’s congenital…  So that goes to show you the power of ones mind. Therefore I’m not as mean as the drama queen thought… I was correct in saying it didn’t hurt until he found out about it lol.


  1. I have never understood those who think they can post crap about their families and friends on the internet and not reap the consequences.

    I, too, remember that family and friends know exactly where my blog is and can read it whenever they like. So I am always careful not to bruise egos. There’s a delete key for a reason.

    Glad your husband liked your blog. Mine does too.

  2. I completely agree with you. It is best to stay away from people who thrive on creating drama and being around it. In my experience, it is better to cut these people off as quickly as possible.

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