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Babies Name:  Michaela Adele   

Babies Sex:   Female 

Due Date:  1/13/2011   

Babies Birth Date: 12/22/2010      

# of weeks pregnant: 37

Type of Birth: Vaginal 

Babies Stats:  7 lbs 3 oz, 20.25″     

Parents:   Jherilyn & Jonathan       




“On December 21, 2010 I was at work and had just begun to discuss my caseload of clients with the counselor who would be covering my caseload on my maternity leave then went home at the end of my work day. I remember having a dream that night about being at my mom’s house, who had passed away in 2006, and in my dream as I had my hand on the door knob to my room and began to turn my water broke which made me run the opposite way to my mom’s room telling her, “”mooooom, mooooom, my water broke!!!”” When I woke up I could remember my dream and stick my hand down between my legs where my pillow was between my knees and was comforted when I didn’t feel anything…but then I remembered how much it hurt and how much I still felt the effect of my water breaking in the dream so I felt again. This time I felt everything soaking wet.


I jumped out of bed wearing a t-shirt, bra, and underwear, walk into bathroom where my husband is shaving and say, “”you’ll never guess what just happened…my water broke!!!”” My husband doesn’t even look at me and replies, “”whatever!”” I sternly tell him, “”seriously, my underwear are soaked!!!”” He looks over and with panic in his eyes he asks me what to do now? I told him not to worry, we would have plenty of time because this was our first child and labor would take forever. So I tell him I’m getting in the shower before we go anywhere. He couldn’t believe it but I felt gross from the water breaking and continuously pouring out.


So, as I’m in the shower I start feeling something I’d never felt, not painful really but uncomfortable. I ask my husband what time it is at beginning and end of contraction each time…he’s clueless about why I’m asking but says you just asked me. I tell him I’m timing the contractions which are about 3-4 minutes apart. I get out of shower and they become little stronger and by the time I get dressed and downstairs they are 2-3 minutes apart. so I told him we’re going to hospital now. While I was standing and walking they were bearable but as soon as I had to sit in car or wait for him to park the car I became very uncomfortable.


The nurses all looked at me like I was crazy because we said my water had just broken and was in labor. When I had waited in the room for half an hour and nobody came to hook me up to monitor or IV I sent my husband to nurse’s station to tell them I wanted something for pain. Apparently the nurses laughed because I obviously couldn’t handle my pain well and might not be in real labor for long time. When the nurses finally came in to check me I was already 5 cm dilated and fully effaced which shocked not only me but the nurse as well. So I asked for epidural because this was about an hour after my water broke. It was around shift change for the anesthesiologist so they put the request in and gave me Nubane to let me relax between contractions. About two hours later they checked me again and were finally going to give me epidural but I was already 10 cm and it was time to push.


I was freaking out because my sister had just walked out saying she had to go back to work because she was the only one with a key. So I told them they had to get my sister back in there because I couldn’t do it without her. Thankfully she was still filing in everyone in the waiting room with updates.


An hour later, 4 hours after my water broke., my daughter was born! Healthy and beautiful!!!”


Michaela all grown up with her new baby sister


A big Thank-you to Jherilyn  for sharing her story with us!


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